Aivan: $100 million in Series C Funding will Improve Developers’ Life to the Core

Finland-based software company ‘AIVEN’ is open to taking on challenges. claims that by advancing open source and technology, developers’ lives will be made even better in every way.

A software company ‘Aivan’ is working to simplify the data infrastructure by providing open data sources and a fully managed platform to make things easy for our developers. The company’s total investment reached up to $150M after adding its series C funding of $100M. Further, That supplemented the company’s total valuation of $800M.

The lead investors were Atomico with contributions from the world innovation lab and salesforce ventures, including the Early Bird venture(series A) and IVP( series B). Atomico is an international investment enterprise that targets troublesome companies globally. There were five investors and four partner investors in total.

Aiven is targeting to expand the business globally and aims to develop a common platform for open source data technologies for all. Also added is that it will set up a proper open source program office and will work to deliver new products to the market. Adding new services will obviously increase employment, which will lead to team expansion. Overall, Company’s growth and expansion are advantageous for the developers and other employers.

So what does Aivan actually do?

Aivan provides you with a simplified version of a cloud database that runs on a cloud computing platform, it improves your useability and ideas which in turn benefits your business ideas by making it clean and fast.
Setting up a cloud database or making it inoperative is quite simple and fast by testing, validating, and making it useful for new business concepts.

It is a platform where all the tools or cloud providers that you may need will be available in one place. By using it you will be able to create a fully featured, full data infrastructure in less than 10 mins. It will be easy to maintain control over your data by using robust open source services.

A team of cloud experts and open source founded Aivan in 2007 based in Helsinki to develop a data management system.

Open source data management system is ideal for multi-cloud installations and you have plenty of options over cloud regions and providers.

You can easily moderate and handle your cloud data by using tools of your choice. Also, you can choose to migrate to a different service provider, add more servers, or increase storage space with zero downtime.

You have 24/7 customer support from the experts. There is also an end-to-end encryption security system integrated into it. It assures you that it will be responsible for any kind of negligence in standards by providing you with the certificate of compliance.

Let’s finish it up with brief details about AIVAN

Founded in 2007, Aivan is an integrative and multidimensional design studio that aims on solving complex tasks. Basically works towards the satisfaction of its clients by offering them help to elevate their competence and reach their potential through creative thinking and high-quality design, overbold concepts, and much more. Aivan works with both types of organizations. Private and public respectively. It provides services in different categories that include, product design, UX design, brand marketing, creative agency, and graphic design. etc.


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