Seedtag Secures $40 Million In Series B Funding From Oakley Capital

Seedtag, the industry pioneer in EMEA and LATAM for contextual advertising, revealed that it had raised $40 million in Series B funding. The fundraising round, which was led by Oakley Capital and included participation from Adara Ventures and All Iron Ventures, comes after Seedtag’s Series A funding round in 2017, which raised $5.2 million.

With more than $4 billion under management and a proven track record of elevating market leaders, Oakley Capital is a top mid-market growth equity investor in Europe.

In order to fulfill its goal of being a global contextual advertising partner for brands and agencies, Seedtag intends to keep progressing. The company, which now dominates contextual advertising in EMEA and LATAM, plans to use the cash raised to enter the US market as well as to keep advancing its contextual AI technology. In terms of audience targeting, the advertising sector is undergoing substantial transformation.

Seedtag: About The Company’s Working 

Seedtag is in the ideal position to provide a thorough understanding of consumer interests, develop a contextual strategy based on data, and collect a variety of insights that can help brands enhance their outcomes without the usage of cookies.

Strategies Of The Seedtag

2020 saw considerable growth for Seedtag as a result of continuous product development and enhancement. Even with the effects of COVID-19, the organization managed to grow organically year over year by 25%, bringing in $50 million in revenues in 2020 and projecting another 60% increase for 2021 ($80 million).

Since last year, Seedtag’s headcount has expanded by 65%, and the company now employs 215 people worldwide. Over 500 million unique users are being reached by the company’s advertising solutions. Over 20,000 campaigns have been produced by Seedtag in the past 7 years, gaining it the trust of over 3,000 Publishers and 2,000 Advertisers.

Seedtag announced the hiring of three new executives earlier this year and the acquisition of AtomikAd, an Italian rival, and Recognified, a German expert in contextual advertising, both in late 2020’s fourth quarter. Following its accomplishments in EMEA and LATAM, the organization is also getting ready to expand its operations into the US market.

Contextual Advertising As Well As Brand Safety

Announcing Oakley Capital’s investment in Seedtag after the Series B funding round, managing partner Peter Dubens said, “Oakley’s investment in Seedtag underlines our continuous ability to uncover proprietary deals from across our network and in appealing areas. Contextual advertising is growing as a result of an increased emphasis on consumer privacy and brand safety.

Future Planning Of Seedtag

Oakley’s investment confirms our aim to establish a global leader in contextual advertising,” stated Albert Nieto, co-CEO of Seedtag. We are eager to provide our contextual solutions to US businesses and publishers. Oakley’s expertise in growth, technology, and media makes them the appropriate partner to increase Seedtag AI technology on a worldwide scale.

Jorge Poyatos is the co-CEO of Seedtag. Together, we are steadfastly devoted to providing best-in-class advertising in a world that values privacy.


Seedtag makes a difference both personally and professionally, constantly trying to make things happen. Seedtag consistently pushes the market and users into a new era of advertising clients. Seedtag by inspiring not just its own employees but also our partners and using technology and the brain to their fullest extent in order to realize our biggest goals, always striving to surpass them.

With the intention of becoming world leaders, Seedtag strives daily to realize this vision, a hardy set of individuals that know when to relax, have fun, and take it all in. Seedtag embraces our culture and actively participates in it. 

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