Verizon Webmail: All You Need To Access About Wireless Service Provider

Verizon Webmail, a web-based email service, is still accessible through Verizon Online. You may still send, receive, and control your email with Verizon Webmail from any location online.

Webmail will start showing up your inbox messages prominently displayed on the screen. You can examine your messages, folders, and address book, or alter your settings from the left column of your Webmail account.

Is Verizon Webmail Working Or Not?

In late 2016, Verizon announced that it has decided to shut down its email business. Numerous customers with email addresses have received notices instructing about linking their Verizon account with a different email provider like AOL.

AOL will now maintain and provide services for those who decide to keep their email addresses. Verizon has decided to focus on its internet, TV, and phone consumers rather than providing email service. The ability to access email on will be lost for anyone who decides to move to a new email address provider, such as Gmail or Yahoo.

The database has subsequently been erased, and anyone who did not move their email by December 2017, would no longer be connected to their address book, calendar, and email. Verizon email still working with AOL. If you’re experiencing difficulties logging into your Verizon email through AOL, you need to put your email in full version such as will be username while logging in.

Does Fios Affect Version Webmail Login?

Since email was discontinued in 2017, which affected both Verizon Fios users and Verizon Wireless. Verizon Fios also no longer offers email.

Does Verizon Email Login Linked With Yahoo?

If you switched to Verizon email in 2017, there are no problems utilizing Yahoo to access your account. From a different scheme, some users have already shifted accounts to Yahoo. These users can access Verizon email by utilizing Yahoo.

Along with AOL, Yahoo is now also a part of Verizon’s Oath business, and the organization is in the process of combining some of the email systems of these two companies.

Can Verizon Email Login Be Accessible Through A Third-party Service?

Even though the email address is now handled by AOL, you can use Verizon email with a third-party email client such as the mail apps on Android devices or iOS and Microsoft Outlook. Use your full email at the AOL’s servers to log in, grab the necessary server settings from the Verizon website, and enable SSL (secure sockets layer).

Verizon Wireless enables access to the IMAP protocol for their customers; however, current customers who have been using the POP3 protocol may do so in any case.


Only those who transferred to AOL, Yahoo, or another third party prior to December 2017, when Verizon terminated email, will be able to access their Verizon email. If you did switch to a different provider, you can still access your Verizon email by entering your entire email address as your username and your old password.

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